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Daniel G. Middaugh

Sheriff’s Office:

6065 Judd Rd.


Oriskany, N.Y. 13424-4218

Phone: General Info

(315) 736-8364




OCSMU  Mail:

Lt. Stuart (Pete) Weaver


10236 Hughes Rd.


Remsen, New York 13438




(315) 831-5336




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Capt. Joseph A. Spano

Lt. Stuart (Pete) Weaver

Thomas Carone

Lynn Clark

Enrico D’Alessandro

Charles Dillenbeck

Constance Smith

Dennis Eckerson

Eileen Hamlin

Rachel Horton

William Howard

Joseph Pachura

Jodi Roser

Benny Rotundo

Jack Scott

Heather Sweeney

Jessica Van Der Beck


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Come join us here at the Mounted. For experience like no other unit ...Contact Lt. Stuart (Pete) Weaver at 315-831-5336 for Details ...