Joe_Blackjack OCSMU

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Captain Spano is the only active charter member in the unit. Along with his father-in-law and a few others this unit was organized. Joe has watched us grow from an idea to a unit of 35 members who did exhibitions of the Shriners Black Horse Drill  at firemen’s field days and public gatherings to crowd control to security at concerts, from parades to search & rescue operations, to Say Nay to Drugs presentations, to escorts for funerals and almost anything we are requested for!

Joe became captain about 1973-he is a well-known figure leading the unit on the street.  His present mount, Black Jack, has been in service about 15 years and is 28 years old.

Come join us here at the Mounted. For experience like no other unit ...Contact Lt. Stuart (Pete) Weaver at 315-831-5336 for Details ...